Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can you breathe under water?

In Sacramento, California we are punished with excruciating heat. However, there is ample water here and sometimes all you can do is flock to it and enjoy the cold, cold, cold mountain runoff. That is what I did this Monday. I brought a bottle of Sutter's Home White Zinfandel and I placed it in my purse. At some point the cork came out and filled my bag up with half a bottle of cheap ass dessert wine. My wallet, moleskine, pens, phone, and camera were soaked. The bag is leather so the wine didn't drain out and all of my stuff just marinated in it. My camera is six years old, which for a digital camera is almost abnormal. It's outlived all of my other digital cameras, so of course it was fine. Unfortunately my phone is not, even my sim card smells like wine. I've had a cell phone for at least eight years and this is the first time that one has ever perished because of negligence on my part.

Monday, July 13, 2009