Monday, May 26, 2008

do not worry my pet...

someone will save you

Recently someone let me know that they find my drawings of women to be interesting as they feel I might have empathy in my heart for women affected by abuse and domestic violence.

I have been thinking about this subject, and the subject of my art. It's not necessarily about domestic violence, although it certainly could be. For me, it's about women in trouble. It's too simple and I stick to this idea like glue, it's obsessive, I know. A women spattered in blood is more beautiful than a bloodied up man, a woman's look of horror is lovely, a man, not so much. The female figure is probably the most popular subject matter in art history. As a former fashion design student and a current art student, I feel it only natural to choose women over men. Fashion revolves around women, and fashion and aesthetics is the core of what I am all about.

Although, more than anything else I can think of I am completely inspired by this episode of Unsolved Mysteries I saw when I was a little girl. It horrified me in a different way than Halloween or a Nightmare on Elm Street because I knew it had really happened and the man who did it was most likely walking around, living, having a grand time. So....

A women makes friends with a man and brings him into her home. He beats her up and drags her body into the fireplace. He then brings her mattress into the living room and places it on top of her body. She was not dead at the time, but unconscious. He lights the mattress on fire. Naturally, they reenacted the whole event. I saw this episode a while back and of course, it didn't scare me like it did when I was young.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

gotta straighten up your act and boogie down

Rob is play at Inferno Pizza on 16th and Broadway Friday night. If you live in Sacramento and you aren't busy you should come check them out! It's an early show.

Inferno is a wacky place. It looks like this everywhere!

This is a special message from Biaggio of Times of Desperation:
"Please note that this show starts at 6pm and needs to be done by 9pm. So, be sure to come early. Also, as usual, bring tons of weed. Especially for Roanoke. Touring bands need lot’s of weed and of course so do we."

This one of a few things I did last night. No big deal. Ok. Whatevurrrr. Her eyes are messed up. NOOOO! DON'T fucking LOOOK!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

it's my factory

Rob and I met up with the St. Ofles at Temple last night. Temple is very nice, we haven't been there in a long time. We can't ever seem to remember where it is! We really had a such a wonderful time with them. We talked about all kinds of funny things. The St. Oh-Fool's are lovely and I can't wait to see them again! I felt especially good giving them my favorite painting ever.
After that, we secured some goods and went home. I hung out in Rob's studio and then went back to my own lair and worked on this:

I think it's my second favorite ever.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I got some dirt on my shoulder, could you brush it off for me?

I finally got in touch with my scanner, there is a whole mess of new stuff hurrrrr!

So, I am way behind in scanning stuff, I probably painted this two weeks ago.
It's been a long time.


Zombies, naturally. I am going to learn to perfect various levels of fleshly decay via watercolor action.

I love this man, no it's not Rob. It's TOM SAVINI!!! I like him because he doesn't just come in a make a head out of Styrofoam and light it on fire. He actually works with the directors and comes up with different, bruta, ways to totally destroy people. Needless to say, he earns his check. He fought in Vietnam and claims to use his first hand knowledge of carnage in his work.

Yes, I know..... now whatever you do just isn't as cool. Tom is the man.
He is the super special effects awesome make up totally gore master, you can see his work in:

Maniac: A really amazing movie. The head explosion scene is art! Hahaha!

Martin: His first collaboration with George A. Romero. A great movie, just alot of interesting things going on. I won't even tell you about it. George says it's still his favorite.

Dawn of the Dead: I don't have to tell you about this movie right? Nahhh! This is where he claims to have perfected a palette of severed limbs and bites. Funny Tom, I think I am just about to do the same!

Friday the 13th
: At the very end of the movie, where Jason pops out and scares you. Tom's idea!

That's a very partial list, but here is his website, just in case you are hooked like I am.

and he voiced himself on the Simpson's in an episode called "Worst Episode Ever" Comic Book Guy has a heart attack while witnessing Tom Savini's work!

Tom Savini also has his own college for special effects arts.... and two books called Grande Illusions!

TEENAGERS listen up: Tom Savini is so much cooler than Tom that started myspace. Now you now.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

sticky and sweet

Robert Rauschenberg:

It is truly sad that you are no longer with us. Thanks for everything.

you got it
if you want it
you're not taking a chance
with me!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

why haven't you noticed that I'm dead?

hella sick
and no
not SICK
but icky lame gross sick
so here is some stuff I like
as opposed to some stuff I did

How about that lovely square suitcase? Thank you Samsonite.

I love this American Tourister set. The small bag, train case, and hat box are lovely!

If I ever see this on eBay and someone outbids me, I will come to their town and KILL them! No one in whole world wants a Courreges camera more than me!

I love this one even more:

they came in a variety of colors

Oh, and the Lady Argus!

So, OH yeah, images.
I love this one of Sylvie Vartan!

and this illustration from Edith Head's book
if you don't know who she is
look her up
seriously.....I won't tell you! You deserve to love her for yourself. If you don't like her or find her totally important, well, fuck you chief.

If you have this pattern, can you send it to me? I can grade it up, bring it down, and drop it like it's hot.

and while we are wearing white and it's the sixties, isn't THIS the PERFECT outfit?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Texas is the reason!

A giant sinkhole is eating Texas up, oil fields and all. I could NOT be more pleased. It's at least the size of two football fields and isn't expected to stabilize for another two weeks!

Come on Texas, what did you think? Did you think that the earth was just going let you sit there and keep doing the things you are doing? Texas is a toilet and now the earth is flushing it.

I gave Rob a totally rockin' hair cut and now I am going to give myself one too. Hopefully.