Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm setting 22 tables for the funeral feast

I love pen and ink with gauche and pencil. It's the most fun.

Tomorrow night Rob is playing at the house on 22nd and S. It's gonna be acidcop so you know it's gonna be nasty. We were invited to get goth after that, and we just might. So, to the one or two people who might read this, 22nd and S, man!

Oh, then Times of Desperation is playing in Oakland Saturday night.

I feel like there is something else....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

real talk

I love fairy tale town. It's an odd place. Apparently you cannot go in without a child, which I understand, but I don't know a single kid! I come from a giant Swedish family, yet know one in my family has a kid! None of my friends have children, I don't even know anyone who is pregnant. In fact, I never want kids. My fairy tale town future is a bleak one.

I still took some pictures from outside, which I know made me look really, really, creepy.

I am working on some squares of my recent paintings. Yes!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


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I am using the for illustration friday. You know what I think of illustration friday? Nothing.

Je Hais Ma Vie

This lovely over-powering floral design is from a scrap of old wallpaper. I don't really much care for the composition, I think the right side is too busy. i doesn't seem particularly

I got a look inside fairy tale town, oh how I wish I could take photos inside. You can't go inside without a child though. Lord knows there are no kids in my future, in fact, I don't even know anyone with a child. This lovely girl Amanda used to live with us when we were in high school and she is expecting, in fact her baby is due right around the time of my birthday. Her baby shower is this weekend, thank god baby showers don't involve babies.

I got some new stuff last night, more watercolors, white drawing ink, two tubes of white gauche, and a new watercolor block.

I recently scanned some new stuff, the scans look not so great.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

your vice is a locked room and only I have the key

I came across this lovely picture of Catherine Deneuve from the movie Repulsion by Roman Polanski. I read the synopsis and recalled that the movie is in my netflix queue! I am looking forward to watching it as I have only seen one Polanski film, "Knife in the Water", which was incredible and beautiful.

This will be a nice break from Fulci and the gialli we have been watching.

I like that on the criterion collection website they have a specific category for Technicolor. It's magical.

So, I read that Martin Campbell doing a Birds remake, which I find completely INSANE!!! I consider Alfred Hitchcock to be one of the only real American film makers. Other than Jim Van Bebber, naturally. I would like Quentin Tarantino if he was capable of making a movie that was his idea, instead of taking advantage of the fact that the average American has no knowledge of foreign cinema.

You wanna hear a joke, or read a joke, rather?

Guess who is playing Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren)?
Naomi Watts!

Mulholland Drive
was the only decent shit she's ever done and that is because of a Mr. David Lynch, it had virtually nothing to do with her.

As for the motherfucker directing it, his previous work includes such gems as The Mask Of Zorro and Golden Eye, yeah, that's a Pierce Brosnan James Bond flick.

The reason that Alfred Hitchcock's movies are so well loved is because he knew about cameras, lenses, film, lighting, and he knew about visual style. He was a craftsman and an artist. This is why Francois Truffaut idolized him. This is why I idolize them both!