Monday, October 15, 2007

wedding paper doll

wedding paper doll
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I made this for an Illustration Friday a few weeks ago. I forgot to scan it, but two weeks later, here it is. The topic was wedding. I thought that "wedding" was kind of a lame topic, but I like to be challenged, so I drew it anyway.

This is pen and ink with watercolor on Canson classic cream drawing paper. The scan isn't that great. In the actual drawing the watercolor on the dress looks so much better, there is alot more detail in the blood splatter. Her face looks kind of skewed, but she is a killer bride, so she needs to look maniacal.

I went to school for fashion design. I excelled in illustration and design, but I hated sewing. When I left the art institute, I felt that I needed to put fashion design behind me. I spent the last two years forcing myself to draw in styles that don't resemble fashion illustration, but then I realized that I love fashion. Growing up, all I did was draw beautiful ladies in pretty dresses. So, returning to that is really pleasant.

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