Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Je Hais Ma Vie

This lovely over-powering floral design is from a scrap of old wallpaper. I don't really much care for the composition, I think the right side is too busy. i doesn't seem particularly

I got a look inside fairy tale town, oh how I wish I could take photos inside. You can't go inside without a child though. Lord knows there are no kids in my future, in fact, I don't even know anyone with a child. This lovely girl Amanda used to live with us when we were in high school and she is expecting, in fact her baby is due right around the time of my birthday. Her baby shower is this weekend, thank god baby showers don't involve babies.

I got some new stuff last night, more watercolors, white drawing ink, two tubes of white gauche, and a new watercolor block.

I recently scanned some new stuff, the scans look not so great.

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Richard said...

you get better & better.
I like this a lot!