Monday, August 4, 2008

I eat dust.

I recently spent a week in San Francisco celebrating Rob and my best friend Lupe's birthdays. We managed to buy some Polaroid pack film (3.25x4.25) and give it a try. It's sad that they decided to discontinue the film.

This is Rob on Lupe's "balcony." It's not really a balcony, it's the covered area above her front door and a bad place to play if you are drunk. I've noticed if I push the exposure the photos develop a nice blue cast.

There is amazing potential for tricky multiple exposures.

After a little practice I figured out how to make some lovely mistakes.

This creepy picture was taken by Rob.

Other than that, I have been so tired. We now serve alcohol at the Javalounge, so by all means, come by, get drunk, and leave me a much larger tip than you intended to.

Now, I am going to go paint mermaids and girls with no arms.

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Michelle Suzanne said...

i am going to be in sacramento in a couple of weeks and i am totally going to stop by and say hello and have a drink or coffee or something! so prepare yourself!