Monday, October 20, 2008

I made you a Rush mixtape.

I've been pushing myself to paint as much as possible lately, even though I have been excessively busy. I've produced some of my favorite work recently, inspired heavily by Mr. Egon Schiele.
My old computer died suddenly and Rob and I impulsively bought a mac, well, my scanner doesn't work with it. It won't at all.

So, I am joining the iWorld finally, I bought my first ipod. I swore I never would and here I am, waiting anxiously. This is why they are evil. I must be evil too because I can't wait for it to show up!

In other news, I have been sick. Very sick. My ear is hurts so bad. Everything sounds too loud or too quiet.


Richard St.Ofle said...

where is my Rush mixtape?

Michelle Suzanne said...

so so so anxious to see new stuff! i am totally in love with egon schiele by the way. and you of course.