Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Ok, I just saw the projected electoral votes and Barack Obama has won. This is just as the California polls are closing. This an amazing, magical thing.

Im so nervous about Prop 8! I will be heartbroken if it passes. I have always felt that gay people should be allowed to marry. That seems natural to me. I have so many close friends that are gay and truly in love. " What if Richard and Corine couldn't marry? Jackie O and JFK? Michelle and Barack? Heterosexual couples have been fucking up marriage really bad for a very long time, let someone else give it a try!

It still comes down to legal issues, you should be able to enter into a legal agreement with anyone you want.

I cannot believe that any out of state interests would be allowed to have any sway in this matter.


Richard St.Ofle said...

If it passes, or even if it doesn't, we need to urge Congress to pass an amendment to the Federal tax code that
prohibits religious organizations from the political activism,
fundraising and campaigning we saw from the Yes on 8 side.

Not only is it unfair that those organizations use, without tax penalty, the funds intended for charitable work, it is also unfair that the donors can write off on their tax returns those donations that helped take away rights from Californians. Money that we contribute to EQCA, HRC, etc. intended to fight for our rights is not tax deductible, so the playing field is very uneven.

Also, did you know that over 80% of the funding on the "Yes" side came from Utah!?!??!

To sum it up;
Utah bought a constitutional amendment disallowing homosexual couples in California to marry.

Michelle Suzanne said...

do you know that i check yoru blog daily and get really sad when there is nothing new. hope you are well!

Richard St.Ofle said...

it's been a month
we need to have an intervention