Tuesday, January 27, 2009


20090127_dead girls_040

Originally uploaded by Meeshatron!

I was so surprised and excited to see that Michelle and Jessieca took some lovely pictures that look just like one of my watercolors. The most remarkable thing is how much Jessieca resembles the girl in the painting, the makeup is perfect.
Some of the other shots are really beautiful and have inspired me to get to work on some similar paintings and turn this into a series. I would love to see a vector of this by Michelle, I am sure it would be incredible.


Michelle Suzanne said...

ooooh good idea!!!!!!!!!!

dmichaelii said...

God that is the grossest thing ever.


Okay, maybe not, but it counts!!!!

jessica m. said...

It's not that gross! I think it did hurt her eye which is unfortunate. Now I am going to do a painting based on that photo, which is based on my painting.