Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'll shake off your flesh.

I have had a very difficult time sleeping lately. I am not sure why, I don't think it's stress. I feel tired, I get into bed, and I don't go to sleep. I lie awake and think. When I finally fall asleep, I have very vivid, lucid dreams.

I've recently purchased a 1987 BMW 325 a few weeks ago. It's bronze. The interior is black leather and in perfect condition. Even the power windows and locks still work. It has barely 100,000 miles on it, with working speedometer and odometer. Obviously it was someone's baby. I started to hear a very slight, quiet, clank sound while shifting gears. The clutch feels great and I can tell the sound isn't coming from inside the transmission. After two weeks of reading and research I've narrowed it down to a few (non-clutch, non-tranny) possibilities. I am confident that I have the know how to replace my clutch all by myself if necessary!!!

Rob and I are having at art show at the Javalounge in July. It's going to be a musical and visual tribute to Giallo Terrore. Giallo films are characterized by extended murder sequences featuring excessive bloodletting, stylish camerawork and sets, and unusual electronic musical arrangements. I would recommend a Dario Argento or Lucio Fulci movie if you are interested in the genre. These movies aren't particularly violent compared to American slashers, but the murder scenes are drawn out, over the top, and have alot of blood. I've seen a good number of these movies, but Suspiria by Argento is still my favorite. I can watch it with the sound off, it's a beautiful visual journey. If you're more into zombies than check out Fulci's movies. He pretty much invented that archetypal Italian zombie.

I finally gave up on my relationship with my scanner. I have attempted to photograph some of my drawings, though I'm not sure if I'm satisfied with the results. I see depth distortion but much better color.

18"x24" Graphite, ink, and gold leaf on paper.

11"x15" watercolor on paper
This one is on loan from an anonymous patron.


Richard St.Ofle said...

ohhhh man!
I saw Suspiria when I was young and it totally freaked me the fuck out!!!

someone nice gave me a scanner
we can share it if you want.

jessica m. said...

My dad read the Tell-Tale Heart to me when I was about five years old. In seventh grade english our teacher read it aloud and I thought "oh man, I recognize this story, I thought my dad made it up!"

Richard, you are so nice. I don't need to use your scanner! All of the pieces I photographed were too big to scan. I took that scanner off my grandmothers hands because I thought the scanning area may be larger than my scanner. It wasn't. I don't mind photographing them, but I hate barrel distortion. It's a pet peeve. I need a telephoto lens. Freakin focal length.....