Saturday, June 27, 2009

Living crazy, that's the only way!

I know everyone is tired of hearing about Michael Jackson, well, I am not! I didn't start my love affair with Mike until a couple of years ago.

I didn't like him growing up, my parents weren't into him, and I was just a little too young to get into the hype. I do remember seeing him on television from time to time. It was Rob who got me into Mike, Rob still has the Thriller vinyl he listened to as a kid. The first album that got me is Off the Wall. It's the perfect culmination of Motown, disco, and everything that the eighties held for Michael, and for music. The production is immaculate, you can't find that anymore. It has real instruments layered together perfectly. Pop music today is made with a workstation!

It kind of breaks my heart to see so many people tire of hearing about him. I feel like people are missing the point. When he died most of the internet slowed to a halt. Millions of people googled him at once, AOL instant messenger crashed for 45 minutes, Wikipedia, Twitter, TMZ, Facebook all experienced problems with crashing. His music took over the top 20 spots on and itunes. The video for Thriler alone has over 40 million hits on youtube. All of his other videos come in around 20 million views.

Enormous pressure is being placed on CD manufacturing plants in various countries as Jackson's work goes back into full scale production to meet the popularity! I saw R5 Records, where Rob works, on the news yesterday. Huge vigils are being held around the world, with people buying his records up all over the world!

The reason this is important to me is because you won't see this again. I strongly doubt that anyone will ever outsell Mike. The music industry has change, so has pop music. The emphasis on albums has been replaced by itunes singles, musicianship replaced with workstations, and vocal skill replaced with auto-tune. Thriller became the best selling record of all time a little over a year after it's release. 7 out of 9 songs became singles! He wanted every song to sound like a single, to be strong enough to stand on it's own.


graciela. said...

Yeah, it really is too bad. When I heard about it from some coworkers they immediately jumped into bashing him and making jokes. A few of us were actually saddened by the news since we love the sequin gloved one. The show of support is great but he's also a punch line for a lot of people. Unfortunate.

The other day I saw a front news story about how Michael has joined dead icon status along Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon. I think that's fair to say but I don't think he'll be the last one. Madonna will gather the same kind of fame after death. Though you're right, Mike may be one of the last ones from that style of music production. Madonna's music is workstation music. But damn if it's not good (for me, anyway).

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