Thursday, April 10, 2008

eyes that hardly ever saw the sun

SO, I am back from the great north by northwest.
Well, what the fuck?
I wish I was still up there!
Yeah, and don't give me that bit about the weather because I totally hate the sun and I always have.

Instead of being my normal cynical bad-natured self, I feel cool about being back.

I just can't wait to move up there. The hard work that Rob and I put in here will pay off.
I wonder how those adorable St. Ofles keep coming back from Paris! Paris probably kicks the shit out of Seattle and it just goes without saying that it's way better than Sacramento. I really liked Portland too, the people up North seem really chill and totally FRIENDLY! I cannot tell you how much it caught me off guard to have girls just come up and start talking to me. I met so many amazing people there.

There will mad picturage coming tonight.

Right now I am off to the tattoo parlor......

HAHA! just to watch.....just to watch....


Catherine said...

oh my goodness...i forgot about that picture!!! That night was great! I wish we never left...

Richard said...

the St. Ofles are out of their minds!
that's the only valid explanation.

Paris is incredible
Sacramento is just ok

jessica-m said...

CATHERINE!!! Isn't that picture priceless? It's just the first in a string of hilarious fantastic pictures we took. I have this adorable one of you with that gun. I wish we never left either!