Thursday, April 17, 2008

hot to annihilate

I am just about to finish a super undercover exciting lovely project for a lovely friend.
Aside from that:

SO, I got this new watercolor paper.
I've been wanting to try it because it's square shaped, six by six inches.
First of all, I thought it was a watercolor block, and it wasn't. It was wrapped up in plastic and appeared to be a block, but it was just a pad! Disappointing.
Second problem, my ink bleeds. HUGE problem. On the cover it says "suitable for watercolor, goauche, ink, and acrylic"
I have to use micron pens on this paper. Ick. Cartiera Magnani, no thanks. I will use what I have and return to my beloved arches.
Check it out:


Anonymous said...

i am so in love with all of your artwork, keep creating girl, draw until your hands fall off- i feel it!

Richard St.Ofle said...

chicks with blue skin are hot!

jessica-m said...

No, no, St. Oh-Fool,
chicks with blue skin
are COLD!

Richard St.Ofle said...

cold in a totally hot way.