Monday, May 26, 2008

do not worry my pet...

someone will save you

Recently someone let me know that they find my drawings of women to be interesting as they feel I might have empathy in my heart for women affected by abuse and domestic violence.

I have been thinking about this subject, and the subject of my art. It's not necessarily about domestic violence, although it certainly could be. For me, it's about women in trouble. It's too simple and I stick to this idea like glue, it's obsessive, I know. A women spattered in blood is more beautiful than a bloodied up man, a woman's look of horror is lovely, a man, not so much. The female figure is probably the most popular subject matter in art history. As a former fashion design student and a current art student, I feel it only natural to choose women over men. Fashion revolves around women, and fashion and aesthetics is the core of what I am all about.

Although, more than anything else I can think of I am completely inspired by this episode of Unsolved Mysteries I saw when I was a little girl. It horrified me in a different way than Halloween or a Nightmare on Elm Street because I knew it had really happened and the man who did it was most likely walking around, living, having a grand time. So....

A women makes friends with a man and brings him into her home. He beats her up and drags her body into the fireplace. He then brings her mattress into the living room and places it on top of her body. She was not dead at the time, but unconscious. He lights the mattress on fire. Naturally, they reenacted the whole event. I saw this episode a while back and of course, it didn't scare me like it did when I was young.

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