Saturday, May 10, 2008

why haven't you noticed that I'm dead?

hella sick
and no
not SICK
but icky lame gross sick
so here is some stuff I like
as opposed to some stuff I did

How about that lovely square suitcase? Thank you Samsonite.

I love this American Tourister set. The small bag, train case, and hat box are lovely!

If I ever see this on eBay and someone outbids me, I will come to their town and KILL them! No one in whole world wants a Courreges camera more than me!

I love this one even more:

they came in a variety of colors

Oh, and the Lady Argus!

So, OH yeah, images.
I love this one of Sylvie Vartan!

and this illustration from Edith Head's book
if you don't know who she is
look her up
seriously.....I won't tell you! You deserve to love her for yourself. If you don't like her or find her totally important, well, fuck you chief.

If you have this pattern, can you send it to me? I can grade it up, bring it down, and drop it like it's hot.

and while we are wearing white and it's the sixties, isn't THIS the PERFECT outfit?

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