Wednesday, May 21, 2008

gotta straighten up your act and boogie down

Rob is play at Inferno Pizza on 16th and Broadway Friday night. If you live in Sacramento and you aren't busy you should come check them out! It's an early show.

Inferno is a wacky place. It looks like this everywhere!

This is a special message from Biaggio of Times of Desperation:
"Please note that this show starts at 6pm and needs to be done by 9pm. So, be sure to come early. Also, as usual, bring tons of weed. Especially for Roanoke. Touring bands need lot’s of weed and of course so do we."

This one of a few things I did last night. No big deal. Ok. Whatevurrrr. Her eyes are messed up. NOOOO! DON'T fucking LOOOK!!!


Richard St.Ofle said...

I didn't look

jessica-m said...

Good. Now don't be busy Friday night so you can come out to the showwww. Furrealzies.