Thursday, May 15, 2008

I got some dirt on my shoulder, could you brush it off for me?

I finally got in touch with my scanner, there is a whole mess of new stuff hurrrrr!

So, I am way behind in scanning stuff, I probably painted this two weeks ago.
It's been a long time.


Zombies, naturally. I am going to learn to perfect various levels of fleshly decay via watercolor action.

I love this man, no it's not Rob. It's TOM SAVINI!!! I like him because he doesn't just come in a make a head out of Styrofoam and light it on fire. He actually works with the directors and comes up with different, bruta, ways to totally destroy people. Needless to say, he earns his check. He fought in Vietnam and claims to use his first hand knowledge of carnage in his work.

Yes, I know..... now whatever you do just isn't as cool. Tom is the man.
He is the super special effects awesome make up totally gore master, you can see his work in:

Maniac: A really amazing movie. The head explosion scene is art! Hahaha!

Martin: His first collaboration with George A. Romero. A great movie, just alot of interesting things going on. I won't even tell you about it. George says it's still his favorite.

Dawn of the Dead: I don't have to tell you about this movie right? Nahhh! This is where he claims to have perfected a palette of severed limbs and bites. Funny Tom, I think I am just about to do the same!

Friday the 13th
: At the very end of the movie, where Jason pops out and scares you. Tom's idea!

That's a very partial list, but here is his website, just in case you are hooked like I am.

and he voiced himself on the Simpson's in an episode called "Worst Episode Ever" Comic Book Guy has a heart attack while witnessing Tom Savini's work!

Tom Savini also has his own college for special effects arts.... and two books called Grande Illusions!

TEENAGERS listen up: Tom Savini is so much cooler than Tom that started myspace. Now you now.

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