Saturday, March 1, 2008

my head as clear as a bell

Art is truly the only thing I have ever cared about. As a child all I did was draw. I would draw beautiful women and decadent clothing. I would draw all day and all night. During class, during recess, on my homework.

My mom recently told me that if I ever became pregnant not to get an abortion, but to let her raise it. The baby would hate her and then hate me for giving it to her.

I find big hair to be absolutely necessary.

My weakness is Mexican food. I also have a weakness for a Mexican. Now I'm fat, but we're totally happy.

I procrastinate because I love working under pressure.

I drink alot of coffee.

I would hem David Lynch's pants if he wanted me to.

I can make clothes from patterns, I can make patterns from scratch, but I never do because I hate to sew.

My record collection is the only evidence that I have ever held a job.

I love really old Playboys, pre-Barbie Benton only.

I come from a long line of photographers and pilots.

My grandmothers and Rob's grandmother, rest in peace, are my idols.

I have recently reconnected with two lovely ladies that I've missed.

Physical fights keep breaking out around me when I leave my house.

Richard St. Ofle is my favorite artist in Sacramento.

I love horror movies.

I collect old handbags, shoes, dresses, jewelry and basically anything weird.

I hate southern California.

I'm Swedish. I still have family there, and I would like to meet them.

Rob calls old people "pre-corpses" and it totally makes me laugh.

I live in the hood and I love it.

I have a painting for a friend that needs finishing.


Richard said...

Jessica, you're incredible!!
That's a lot to live up to, and you're better than me, but it's good of you to say that.

jessica-m said...

HA! Please! That's not too much to live up to. I don't like alot of stuff, so maybe that will make you feel better.

Rob and I really like your stuff, it has a sense of humor to it. That's important. Fred Dalkey doesn't have a sense of humor, he calls an i-pod an ear-pod.

Richard said...

ok -- I'll admit that.
I'm funnier than Fred Dalkey any day

jessica-m said...

Would it be horrible of to say you are also more relevant? HAHAHAH! I just say that because I am funnier than Fred Dalkey too.

He annoyed me when he would go off on a tangent about music and how it's not made by true musicians anymore. How you don't even need instruments anymore, they can just make it with computers.

Who did he think he was talking to, the shady oaks retirement center?

If I ever take another class with him, and he goes off on a tangent of that nature I am going to raise my hand and suggest that he talks about art and maybe how to go about making it.