Thursday, March 6, 2008

white skirt

white skirt
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People on the internet respond really well to titties.

While drawing with the pen I sort of screwed up some fingers, if you haven't noticed yet, don't look.

So, I went shopping with my mom and the whole trip made me remember why I hate America.

First, we pull up to the same gas station we always go to, and there a very nice homeless veteran who always sits near the door. I was able to give him a few dollars today, but I have about twelve dollars and four cents to my name. This nasty bitchcuntwhore drives up and parks her HUGE American SUV about three feet right in front of him! Her head lights probably blinded the poor guy. I thought she might hit him, as if not having a home isn't enough. She gets out of her car and starts smoking and talking to an old worn out whore with one foot in the grave, in a GIGANTIC super American TRUCK which is totally blocking the exit of the gas station. My mom whose mouth is just as foul as mine rolls down her window and says "why don't you get the fuck out of the way selfish bitch" and we ride off into the sunset.

All of it made me realize that I hate you America. I hate people who get angry when I say that I hate America. I am an American, I have the freedom to hate whatever I want. SUCKAS!

Another reason: no veteran should be homeless for any reason, unless he wants to be. I am not in support of the military or the government at all, but I think if you sacrifice yourself for this country (though I don't know why you would), then you shouldn't ever have to be homeless.

Medical care, what really needs to be said. It's a tragedy, the richest country in the world, hella no health care. I am one of the uncovered and I must say, it sucks. My grandfather died of cancer in 1989, there were men from the secret service there on his death bed to make sure he wouldn't spill any secrets, this I remember well. He wanted to write a book, but the government said "NOno NONONO no" and never trusted him again. He almost died for them, and they were there when he died. It only took five months.

My mom had cancer, this is what brought me back to Sacramento. Are we trying to fix cancer, HELLLLLL NO! Capitalism is not conducive to good health. Chemotherapy and radiation are big money makers. We're not going to cure cancer, until we find a cure for insatiable greed.

Another thing, I just hate capitalism in general. It seems more prevalent and horrible than ever, especially in places like Natomas. Natomas disgusts me, yet delights me, because it could flood and I can imagine it. I really don't even like money, I feel happier broke. I've seen both sides, I've been well off and I've been dirt poor and let me tell you, poor is better for me.

So, I told my mom I wanted to move out of the country. To Switzerland or maybe Austria. If Austria is good enough for the family Von Trapp, than it's good enough for me.

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