Thursday, March 20, 2008


What would I do without the hip-hop community? I mean it, I really do.

A while back my little sister had some codeine cough syrup. She hated it because it had the same taste and consistency of shampoo. Now, neither of us drink shampoo, it's just what I imagine it would taste like. I liked it because it didn't make my stomach hurt, like codeine pills do. I think it made Rob hallucinate once.

All this time I equated "purple drank" with the stuff at the stores that's purple sugar and doesn't cost as much as grape juice, I was so wrong. "Purple drank" is really codeine cough syrups, as well as a variety of other cough syrups and cough syrup cocktail concoctions. How did this escape my attention?

Purple Drank

I am sure that high school kids everywhere are trying their hardest to fake Bronchitis!

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