Sunday, March 16, 2008

their mouths full of wishes

One of the advantages of being with someone for a long time, is that you can sense when they are going to do something totally goofy. You learn to just roll with it.

We had a fantastic weekend, and when you find yourself temporarily unemployed the weekend starts on Thursday.

So, Thursday Times of Desperation played at R5 on Thursday night. I finally got to meet Skinner's lady, and she is a delight!
I took several digital video clips of them playing, I was going upload one, but I decided I would let Rob do that here.

Yes, that is right Rob M. has a blog! In the above picture, he is the one with the beard! It's about music and his daily struggles with things that I barely understand. It's interesting and well-written, and I am not even saying that because I like him, or even because he likes me. The way his brain works is fascinating. He is a great photographer too, yes, Rob, you, upload, now.

So, I had two very close friends who had birthdays recently. They're family to me, in fact, they know this blog exists, whereas my real family does not (with the exception of my sister with the golden hair). I decided to do a painting for Lady C. for her birthday, and I did a drawing for Biaggio.

I didn't want to scan them, but I took a few pictures so I could look at them. I worked really hard on my art nouveau style smoke coming out of that joint. Hell yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's a joint. It's distorted because of the crappy lens on my exquisite camera. That's Playboy's Miss May 1955.

For the lady of the house, I painted one of her photos. How did she take a picture in outer space? It's her secret. It came out neat, with all kinds of textures and layers that won't show up in this photo, for sure. I am still going to do one more for her. It's a pretty big deal for me to do these for them, because I totally love them and I seem to be really bad at giving people art.
It only works if it isn't their idea for me to make it in the first place. No one in my family ever wants anything I draw, they always want me to draw something for them.

So, today I have a flier to finish before I get deep into some work I am doing for Kristin. I love Kristin because her loves are my loves, and we always seem to be on the same pages about how things ought to be done.
She has let me pillage her collection of photos and now I am so up to my neck in pure inspiration that the only way out is to draw until my hands fall off! I imagine that I will spend the rest of the day here:
You can't tell but there is a drafting table in the lower left corner. Don't you love my photographic slight of hand? It's not photoshop, my hand just covered up half the flash!

Oh, I finally finished watching Naked Lunch. It was wonderful. I watched almost all of it last week, but I was fucked up on Valium and couldn't remember whole parts of the movie!

Anyway, I strongly advocate the hat and suit approach to mens fashion. Come on, if you are a reasonably cool, creative, interesting, dude who just happens to be getting up there in age, what better way to separate yourself from aging bro's and men who dress like little boys, than to go all out in a suit and hat?


Anonymous said...

i'm so flattered jess

jessica-m said...

just wait until you see what I have in store!

Rob said...

You're sweet. I wish I had money to buy Methadone. Someday, we'll buy a castle. With a moat.

jessica-m said...

Don't worry. We never want too much of a good thing. Any place I live with you is a castle. If you want a moat, go put the hose in the yard and turn the water on. I bet you'll have a basketball floating in it within two hours.