Wednesday, March 26, 2008

pour tuer et créer

So, I cannot find my battery charger or my other set of batteries. I need both to use my camera again. I have large drawings to photograph, mystery notes to do, and we are leaving soon to go up north. I pretty much need to find these things NOW.

I recently had the pleasure of seeing my long lost best friend Lupe. She is amazing. I love her. I cannot wait to see her again. I am going with her to get her next tattoo, it's going to be gorgeous!


Helènic Glauc said...

Perhaps you'll find your battery in the sea, in the mountains, in the wind...
Greetings from Barcelona!

Richard said...

that's right, you do have a Mystery note to do.
Greetings form Sacramento!

jessica-m said...

I actually found them in various places, naturally. I am not capable of keeping things together. One was in Rob's tiny Casiotone keyboard. It was stuck. Two were in my cheap Vivitar flash, which was under my bed. Then I found two in a cd player I was using because my mp3 player diiieeeeeeed.

Yeah, I haven't forgotten about that Mr.
I am SO on it!
Taking mystery notes around the worrrld! Yes.